Where Have I Been?

Oh Lordy, do you really want to know? School started back up again at the end of August for both me and my 8yr old. So that in itself makes life crazy. And with crazy, comes lazy and not so wonderful choices in the health department. Some days I barely eat, and when I do – it is crap! And other days I drink soda -GASP! And those crunches? What crunches? I tried doing some today but a little 2yr kept jumping on me wanting to play. 

But all is not lost. I am feeling like crap and once again it is time to resolve this problem. I will say, though, that I had more ‘I’m not hungry days’ than ‘let’s eat junk days’. I don’t get hungry like I used to and I don’t desire junk like I used to either. 

So, how can I fix this problem? 

  • Attitude: Drop the idea that I can’t do it and do not have time. 
  • Motivation: Find motivation, even if it is far-fetched {like Henry Cavill coming to take me away}
  • Relax: A bundle of nerves = stress= bad choices = FEELING CRAPPY AGAIN
  • Expectations: Don’t expect a miracle. Changes take time. And everyday will not be perfect.
  • Goals: Make a goal. Small goals work well. Knock them off one by one.
  • Water: nuff said. Add lemon, cucumber, or water enhancer for flavor. Find your favorite glass for drinking too.
  • Fun: Have fun! Need some energy? Dance, be goofy. Some is better than none.
  • Encouragement: Don’t be afraid to ask for this. Those who love you will encourage you.

So, here is to TODAY and getting my butt back in motion. 

ps: I may actually go out to Towson {my college} and attempt the rock climbing wall and make use of the gym facilities that are there at my disposal. The only problem with it is it is not right around the corner. This means on my 4-hr class nights, gym before or after. And ALONE. My biggest fear. I need to go so I can get over my self-conscienceness.


Join a Fitness Center?

Thinking about joining the local fitness center. Waiting for them to email me back with prices. I really have the urge to go and weight train. I think it would really help me clear my mind and, let’s face it – MY BODY NEEDS IT! I desire to lose about 25lbs {I am down 5} but for that to happen, I need to get moving. But, life is crazy and even crazier with 3 kids, a firefighter hubby, and going to school full-time.

The good thing is, the local gym has 24hr access and is literally 2 minutes from my house. Should be easy to get in there daily for at least 30min. And I am going to lose this weight and get into great shape for many reasons.

  • I desire it
  • There are so many clothes I want to wear that this body does not wear well
  • I want to WOW people
  • I want to WOW myself
  • I want to be healthy
  • I want to feel beautiful
  • I want to accomplish this goal

So, as I have not been feeling well today, to perk myself up a bit – I got down and did 50 crunches, a minute of squats, and a minute of jump n jacks. It is not a lot but ,as I have said before, a little can go a long way and I do not want to over do it because I will give up if I do.

English: KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea— Airmen ...

Happy Sunday!

Hey guys! I am already a bit sore this morning since I chose to do some crunches and pushups. Not but for a mere 5 minutes or so but I just started doing them like a couple days ago so as long as I keep it up I will be happy. It actually is a good feeling – being sore.

And I’d like to share some good news: I am done 5lbs and ready to venture into the 140’s. It is a slow and tedious process for me but with 3 kids and school about to start for the fall, it has to be or I will just give up! So with this venture, I will be eating as I normally do {love my new eating habits, they are lifestyle now}, doing crunches, pushups, and jumpnjacks, and trying to maintain a better posture 🙂


Recently, I have become a bit obsessed with beautiful actor Henry Cavill. Gorgeous he is and a seemingly nice guy. Well, I am a stay at home mom and since school is out for the semester I have been quite bored. I mean one can only clean and do kid-like things for so long. So I have been following Henry’s fan page and he really is an inspiring person.

Henry Cavill in The Immortals


  • He is gentle to people. This because he was known as ‘Fat Cavill’ as a child. Henry, fat? Go figure.
  • He says you should always be yourself because well that is the only person you can be. Oh very very true.
  • He refused to be contoured with fake muscles, etc for his roles. He wanted to be the role in all ways. So he worked his butt off.
  • He mentions how great it feels when you are in shape and healthy. And to know that you can push your body to such a limit that it is such a prideful feeling.

His honest words, down to earth personality, and determination make me want to be the best me even more. I will never meet this man. He is but a fantasy, lol. Yet, if I ever did, I don’t doubt we could be great friends.

Thank you, Henry, for more inspiration! Today, I was feeling rather down and out. Beating on myself and feeling ugly. But I remembered your words and I got down and did 6 minutes of crunches and 2 minutes of jump-n-jacks with ChloBug. For me, that is an awful lot of crunches, lol.

Much L<3ve


oh no! she is falling…

off. today + yesterday=poo. i am just not feeling it.

to help bring myself up and out, i am going to chill with my kids today and blog. you know, be a couch potato.

and tomorrow i have every intention of wearing my fitbit and being 100% happier and more relaxed. i just really don’t know what my issue is today; perhaps just an off day for me. or week for that matter. besides, hubby will be home tomorrow which makes a huge difference for me. he is working overtime today and, well, i am really missing him.

30 Day…what?!

Yes, I bought the 30 Day Shred….months ago. Yesterday, I finally took it out of the wrapper and attempted it. I think my 4yr old daughter is more anxious to exercise than me. Well, yesterday did not go well. We never even made it to the 2 minute cardio portion because my 1.5yr old was having a tantrum and needed to be held. UGH!!!!

So today was attempt #2, after he went down for a nap. Egh- it went better but not so great. I am SOOO out of shape. But I know me-I give up easily. So after doing my best through 2 min cardio, I shut it off. We will see how far I get tomorrow.

In a nutshell, I do not expect the 30 day shred. BUT I do know that I will see results eventually. Even with me restarting and getting a little further each time- the beginning will become much easier for me.

Here is to progress…even if it is slow.



FitBit (Photo credit: mrcd@sbcglobal.net)

Yes, I am tired today. I want to lay around but that will only drive me bonkers because it will become monotonous {sp???}. I was considering not even using the Fitbit today. BUT I CAN’T NOT WEAR IT. It keeps me motivated and aware. So, I am not expected great results for today but yesterday was not as bad as I thought.

 9485 steps taken
 12 floors climbed
 3.83 miles traveled
 2159 calories burned
 833 active score 
Like I said, not bad at all.

So, here is to today: folding laundry and watching cartoons 🙂

Yesterday was good. Surprisingly.

Seriously, I don’t remember being so active yesterday. I think I even took a nap at one point. Or did I? Wow, such a blur. But the stats are in and here they are:

 10153 steps taken
 10 floors climbed
 4.11 miles traveled
 2306 calories burned
 987 active score 
Oh. You know what? We went to the movies. Err, we attempted the movies-power went out after we bought our over-priced popcorn and soda. And then I ate a steak sub and fries. Oops, lol!